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President’s Corner – May/June 2024


As is sit down to write the next article for the May June issue of Tiresmoke I realized how fast we are moving through the 2024 Calendar year.


It has been somewhat of an up and down year so far with several of our Club Members experiencing illnesses and sadly the sudden loss of our long-time member and great friend, Sallie Squires Jansen. Sallie will certainly be missed by all of us.

I continue to work with Mark Edmunds our VP/Activities Leader on several planned actives over the next several months. Mark will give you more details within his Tiresmoke article this month and also during the upcoming Club Meetings. Please try to make the meetings as often as you can. Make sure you are visiting the Club Website regularly for Club News, Announcements and specific details regarding individual cruises to events and activities. Remember that you must be logged into the Website as a Member to enable you to see all the “Member Only” detailed Club information.


We are planning to schedule a couple more Saturday morning “Cruise In’s” that are more vehicle-focused. When we say vehicle focused we mean meeting up at a destination such as the two we visited e.g. Ceramic Pro in Franklin and the Vehicle Detailing Class that was held a few weeks ago. Several members who attended one or both of those events requested that we plan more “Car-focused” activities to supplement our backroad cruises. We will explore mixing it up a little more to support all of our membership’s diverse interests sometime during the year. Rob Hardin our Membership Chair advises us that we have added 15 new members to our Club

since the first of the year. This is excellent news as new members bring new ideas with them. I ask everyone to go out of their way to please make these new members feel at home and help us get them involved in the many functions of the Club.


Finally, I want to ask all of our members to please give Mark Edmunds your feedback on the direction you would like to see the Club move in regarding activities and interests. We need everyone’s ideas and we need your help. Please consider volunteering and giving back to the Club some of your valuable time. We can’t do it without you.


Best regards,


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