Touch of Gold Car Show  2017

September Ninth

O'More College of Design


Nashville Corvette Clubs Shares the Touch of Gol


Contact Terry Rucker

Thank you.

I want to thank all of the participants of this year’s show for choosing our Touch of Gold Car Show.

There were other events that day, but you chose ours. Thank You

I want to thank all the Nashville Corvette Club members who did an outstanding job of putting this show on and sharing their day with us.

Thanks to all the committee chairs, who have spent days getting their team together, going over all the details, over and over again, wanting to make their part of the show a success.

Thanks to O’More College of Design for allowing us to use their beautiful campus, David Rosen and his crew did an outstanding job helping us convert their peaceful campus into a temporary outdoor museum of beautifully designed automobiles.

The TOG committee had three goals when we started this. Put on a show that the Nashville Corvette Club would be proud of, treat everyone fairly and honestly, and raise money for our charities. I believe all three were accomplished. Thanks



Touch of Gold Sponsors and Winners

Class Description Sponsor Winners   1st    2nd    3rd
1 Vintage Cars George Kimble Rex Hunnicutt
2 Production Cars 1950 - 1959 John & Rose Hawkins Gerald Schmidt, Chris Bender, John Passini
3 Production Cars 1960 - 1969 Gail & Henry Hurley  
4 Production Cars 1970 - 1990 Ken Miller Dennis Hobson, David Gray
5 Production Cars  1991 - 2014 Gary & Joyce Downing Ann Rausch
6 Production Cars  2015 -2017 Mike and Vera Anton  
7 Street Rods up to 1939 Bill and Pam Carpenter Fred McDonald, Michael Maddox
8 Street Rods 1940 - 1954 Hunters Custom Automotive  
9 Chevrolet Original   1955 - 1957 Streetside  
10 Chevrolet Modified  1955 - 1957 Dave Logue Richard Grayson, Dlenn Seigenthaler
11 Chevelle, GTO, 442, Buick GS Original Payne Chevrolet Cobb Stockberry, Ron Hinds, Charlie Moyer
12 Chevelle, GTO, 442, Buick GS Modified Hunters Custom Automotive George Dodd, Lee Waller, Mark Cambell
13 Camaros / Firebirds  1967 -1972 Proctor & Graves Service  Rodney Mott
14 Camaros / Firebirds  1973 - 2002 Christian Brothers Anthony & Stephanie Gentile, Gary Barnes
15 Camaros 2010 - 2014 Tillman Insurance  
16 Camaros / Firebirds Modified Ken Hoffman Russ Waller
17 Novas  Original Martin and Amelia Workman  
18 Novas Modified Doris Watts  
19 Corvettes 1953 - 1962 Stock Al & Lady Lu Bennett Larry Odom
20 Corvettes  1963 - 1967 Stock Nashville Machine Dale Johnson
21 Corvettes  1968 - 1982 Stock Nashville Machine Nick Wolkonski, Randy Drier, Tom Beld
22 Corvettes  1984 - 1996 Stock Duane Loux Robert Bennett, Carolyn Kobiske, Bill Berry
23 Corvettes  1997 - 2004 Stock Vette Nuts Martha Wolkonski, WayneOverton, Bruce Walters
24 Corvettes 2005 - 2013 Stock Mike & Carolyn Kobiske Billy & Martha Gaines, Ken Hoffman, Dave Logue
24 B Corvettes 2005 - 2013 Stock Mike & Carolyn Kobiske Ken Miller, Jim Sanderson, Terry & Kathy Rucker
25 Corvettes 2014 - 2017 Stock Bill & Martha Gaines Thomas Danielowicz, Mike Kobiske, Rick & Sally Jensen
26 Corvettes  Modified 1953 - 1967 Nashville Machine Paul Thompson, Bob Birch, Dave Baker
27 Corvettes Modified  1968 - 2015 Penn O'Briant J R Bowen, Roger Boychek, Ron Haworth
28 Mustangs 1964 - 1973 Original  Streetside Christine Trigona
29 Mustangs 1974 - 2014 Original Transmission Masters of Smyrna Greg & Martha Mangrum
30 Mustangs Modified Rick and Sallie Jensen Mike Pennington, Richard Berg
31 Thunderbirds Auto Art Body Shop  
32 Mopar Original 1960 - 1987 Don & Karen Hoffmeister  
33 Mopar Original 1988 - 2014 City Cafe of Brentwood  
34 Mopar Modified Donna R Johnson Alan & Tammy Huff
35 Trucks up to 1966 Original Ina C Wiser  
36 Trucks 1967 - 1987 Original Pat & Pat Thompson Wayne Overton
37 Trucks 1988 - 2014 Original Glenn Seigenthaler Charles Hasty, Jonathan Moss, Karen & Don Hoffmeister
38 Trucks Modified Hunters Custom Automotive Mike Hissong
39 Rat Rods Roger & Barb Boycheck Perry Sanders, Louis Maxwell, Mark Allen
40 Asian Imports Rogers Welding of Huntsville ALA Rick & Sallie Jensen, Bob Speights, Randy Shemin
41 British Imports Bill and Sandy Berry Joe Brown
42 German Imports

McArthur Sanders Real Estate

 ( Martha Wolkonsky)

Gwen Strickland
43 Other Imports Bass Tire Nolensville RD  
44 Race Cars Terry & Kathy Rucker  
45 Jeeps Tom and Barb Huebel  
46 All Motorcycles Craig & JoAnn Chovan Neal Mele
47 Best Paint Brent Inman Richard Grayson
48 Best Interior Brent Inman Ron Hinds
49 Best Engine Nashville Corvette Club Lee Waller
50 Pure Gold Original Walker Chevrolet Cobb stockberry
51 Pure Gold Modified Unistrut Mike Venable Paul Thompson
52 President's Choice Gateway Classic Cars Paul Thompson

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Nashville, Tennessee


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