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The following won a top-50 award:

 Roger Boychek Black C5 Coupe

Don Hoffmeister Red C6 Grand Sport

Rick Jansen Black C7 Coupe

Mike Kobiske Crystal Red C7 Z51 Coupe

Duane Loux Yellow C7 Convertible 

Julius Mitchell Silver C6 Convertible 

Bruce Walters Red C5 Coupe

Martha Wolkonsky Black C5 Z06 Hard Top

Each of these will have 3 Shiner points

 TN  Shows for Shiners If Master Membership is designated event Participants must sign up and complete waivers form.  See details for each listed show for more information

2016 Shiner Winners
Member Name PTS
Mike Kobiske 33
Carolyn Kobiske 25
Ken and Melanie Miller 12
Terry and Kathy Rucker 8
Martha Wolkonsky 8
Billy and Martha Gaines 8
Nick Wolkonsky 7
Roger and Barb Boychek 6
Rick and Sally Jansen 6
Bruce Walters 6
Tim and Tina Thompson 5
Dave and Judy Logue 5
Dale and Karen Johnson 5
Larry Odom 5
Don and Karen Hoffmeister 4
Ken and Pam Hoffman 4
Duane and Suzanne Loux 3
Tom and Barb Huebel 3
Bill Berry 3

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