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Current Master Membership Standings

All Master Membership Data for 2017 will be obtained from the Waivers Form


To assure your participation is recorded, be sure to sign Clearly  Please include your NCC membership number on the waiver form

 Standings in an Excel Workbook with TWO Work Sheets.

For a viewer to see this excel workbook download it here

Excel viewer download



Effective November 1, 2016 thru October 31, 2017

Guidelines for earning Master Membership points are listed below:

Master Membership Categories


Participate in any sanctioned club event (Non-Worker)

Participate in any sanctioned club event (Worker)

(Sanctioned Car Show must show Corvette and is limited to one show per day)

50 per day

75 per day

Attend an NCC Meeting (e.g., Board, Monthly, Touch of Gold Car Show Planning/Judging) Meeting must be sanctioned as a Master Membership event by the club Vice President. 


Plan and Coordinate an Event


Recruit a New Nashville Corvette Club Member


Submit a Tiresmoke Article (Contributors to be identified in the monthly newsletter)



Participate in an event that is 200 miles or more from Nashville


Drive your Corvette to an NCC meeting or sanctioned event

10 Per day

At the end of the year, the top 10% of the club membership, excluding Officers, will be recognized at the Annual Awards Banquet and will receive an award for their participation.

 All events that earn Master Membership Points will be listed in the monthly calendar or presented to club members at the Monthly NCC meeting.

 Events must be presented to the NCC Board to be sanctioned.  Each member may only receive points for one sanctioned event per day. This restriction may be overridden by the club president.

 To receive credit for event participation, each participating member must sign the Waiver Form for the event.  

Ken Hoffman, Master Membership Chair ( )

Nashville Corvette Club
Nashville, Tennessee


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