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Always be on the lookout for the shutterbugs in the club! They capture some great moments in our club so we can share them here!

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December 2010


Angel Run  
Angel Run - December means Angel Run time! Una Antioch Elementary School was our focal point this year. We purchased gifts for 3 needy families this year. Lots of smiles on everyones' faces, enjoy this years pics!

November 2010


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October 2010


Fall Autocross  
Fall Autocross - Fall is here on the calendar, but the temps felt like early Summer! we had folks from all over attend our autocross at the Nashville Superspeedway!

Renewal Party

Renewal Party - Our annual renewal party this year was filled with great cars, awesome food, and even better club members! Thanks to all who attended and paid the next years dues! Here's looking forward to a great next year!
Spooks & Spokes Car Show  
Spooks & Spokes Car Show - Our 2nd annual car show couldn't have been better! Great weather, beautiful vehicles also. Thanks to all who worked tirelessly to pull this off, we'll see ya next year!

September 2010


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August 2010


Barber Motorsports  
Barber Motorsports - Lots of history down in Alabama. A little rain from Mother Nature couldn't keep our group of die-hards off the road for a weekend cruise!
Fayetteville Cruise  
Fayetteville Cruise - The last week in August proved to be a great weekend for a road trip! A quick drive down to Cahoots for lunch, walking around the town square, then a few of the members headed over to Monteagle Winery!
Murfreesboro Cruise-in  
Murfreesboro Cruise-in - The Avenues in M'Boro was hopping for the cruise in!

July 2010


Rattle & Snap Cruise

Rattle & Snap Cruise - Finally a sunny day for a cruise to the Rattle and Snap Plantation!
Corvette Homecoming  
Corvette Homecoming - The Homecoming in Bowling Green has become a great annual tradition. The car show is a great highlight of the event and our NCC members represented our club successfully!

June 2010


CMA Parade  
CMA Parade - Our club members participated in the annual CMA Parade on Broadway!

May 2010


Natchez Trace Cruise  
Natchez Trace Cruise - Jennifer and Hannah Moorhouse took the club down Natchez Trace to visit Te Lah Ney's
Granville Heritage Day Car Show  
Granville Heritage Day Car Show - Yet another great turn out for the car show in Granville! Club members also took in the sights around the town on a wonderful Saturday afternoon.

April 2010


NCC Autocross  
NCC Autocross - To call the turnout a success would be an understatement! The NCC hosted our Spring Autocross for 2010 and it couldn't have been a better weekend!

Hunters Car Show

Hunters Car Show - Terry Rucker attended the Hunters show with a few other club folks, lots of nice cars and a few Vettes too!
Kars For Kids Show  
Kars For Kids Show - Our Shiners showed up in Brentwood TN for the Kars For Kids show!

March 2010


McNamara's Irish Pub Dinner!  
McNamara's Irish Pub Dinner! - Who said St Patrick's Day has to be on March 17th? 29 Corvettes and over 40 NCC members met up on a great Saturday evening for food, music and a great time.

February 2010


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January 2010


Frosty Wheels  
Frosty Wheels - January means Frosty Wheels Car Show time! Cold outside but warm and toasty inside the Ag Center. Several club members cars won awards in the Corvette classes!
Mystery Cruise!  
Mystery Cruise! - Not even chilly weather can stop our club from cruising to an unknown destination!