I had a nice trip to St. Louis for the National Council of Corvette Clubs Governors meeting.

I arrived eary enough to visit the City Museum in downtown St. Louis. This museum is definitely not for the faint hearted frail or folks not liking a lot of noisey kids. But it is one of the most eclectic collections of  salvaged materials sewn into a fantasia of wonder. It was simply delightful to experience. Visit the web and see how it is described there. https://www.citymuseum.org/

 I can not describe the sense of wonder exuding from the place. All I can say, is if you are adventuresome then go there and be WOWed! I spent about 3 and a half hours and could not see all the incredible concoctions of Re-purposed salvage art.

The Eagle is Named Liberty. It was Veterans Day weekend.

There were many places where the best way to go was by way of slides. Really, big, fast slides One I took was five stories and there was one of ten stories. I was scared but it was thrilling.

Note there are people crawling through the wire meshed apertenences.

All the displayed artifacts were recovered from Privies. What a way to document the way people lived.

If you are in St. Louis and get a chance and feel adventurous visit this City Museum. Simply amazing!