2016 Roar into Omaha

National Council of Corvette Clubs 2016 Convention

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Skylines seen one seen 'um, all! From Nashville it was a long drive.

Just under 800 miles from my house. all!

Included here are a bunch of Indian artifacts and Historical Reminents at Mills County Historical Museum located in Glenview Iowa.

This free museum was a real pleasure to be guided by the volunteer Docent. Weird thing is when I am signing the guest ledger at the entry foyer. The lady guide asked my last name.

I tell her and she say,"I am a Kimble too. but mine is spelled Kimble". I laugh and ask if she is my long lost cousin.   This is where we entered.Many of these items were found by two local farmers who watched the ground as they plowedDuring the harsh Nebraska winters, Native Americans lived in hollowed out earth structures.

Many of these early artifacts were crafted over Ten Thousand years ago. These homes were  half beneth the soil freeze line and half above it.Costume from the "Dances with Wolves" Movie production filmed nearby.Circa 1880's in a typical settlers cabinLater in the 1900's

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