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The Hermitage Work day this past Saturday (June 16, 2017) was a big success for the Hermitage and the NCC.    Twenty-seven members braved the heat, mud and bugs working in the elements proving that Charity doesn’t always have to be financial but can also be in the form of sweat equity as well. We were greeted with private parking, bagels, coffee, and lots of water before a brief orientation.  The more impressive points were that the Hermitage is 96% original to General Jackson which is the highest among all past Presidents and he preferred to be referred to as General Jackson rather than President Jackson.  The second impressive point we discovered was that the Hermitage is the 3rd most visited Presidential Home (excluding the White House) just behind Mt. Vernon & Monticello. The NCC Workers were divided into 3 teams; Inside Garden and grounds and each of the teams completed the days assignments ahead of schedule …. Well done everyone!  After our debriefing, we were treated to a tour of the Hermitage and for many our members, it was their first trip to the Hermitage and tour of the historic home of General Jackson.  After our days’ work was completed, we all had private parking again and a great lunch at Famous Dave’s in Hermitage with lot s of fellowship and “Corvette Gazers.”   

Thanks to everyone who donated their time and efforts at the Hermitage.  Those efforts were very appreciated and well received by the Hermitage Staff. Thanks again,

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